The first week

I will never forget the day, March 11, 2009, in my life.

I was actually transferred to bigger hospital on March 12,2009, because I didn’t go ER until next early morning(!!!)

March 12th, 2009 around noon (almost conscious all day)
Ambulance was arrived. Two guys transferred me from an ER bed to a stretcher. They were team of three. One was a driver, two were with me in the back. One of those two was a female nurse, and I was chatting with her while I was transferring to the bigger hospital. I lost consciousness here and there. Strangely, I was thinking about an excuse for my parents why I had to use ambulance to go another hospital.
When the ambulance arrived to the bigger hospital, they took me right into ICU (2nd floor). All my roommates were coming to see me. They all looked very shocked.

I was dreaming about fighting with hospital stuff about where I am now. I kept telling them that I am at home in Chula Vista. I remember that I was yelling at them not to touch me. I kicked an ICU bed really hard and beg them let me to go home. I called every single hospital people stalkers(!!)

March 15th, 2009 around 11:00a.m. (1/10 conscious)
I was transferred from ICU to the unit that pays me more attention to my condition than safe unit (like a 2nd ICU, 11th floor).
I woke up and saw the white board in front of me. It says, today is March 15th. Wow, I slept three nights straight???
Doctor and a physical therapist told me how I was in an ICU. I felt so shame after I heard story about myself, because the story is exactly same as what I was dreaming!
I ate first meal since 11th. I spilled whole cup of grapefruits juice on my chest.
One of my friends came to see me, it was around 9:00p.m. I could not remember who he/she was, because my vision was extremely blurry.

March 16th, 2009 time unknown (1/8 conscious)
My first day OT. The therapist helped me to wash my hair on a bed.
Otherwise, all I remember was that my doctor told me about my parents visit, and took a phone call from one of my roommates. She told me that my roommates have a big surprise for me. I asked them if the surprise is about my parents visit. I accidentally shut her up…(I am sorry…!)

March 17th, 2009 around 3:00p.m. (1/6 conscious)
My parents have arrived in San Diego air port all the way from Japan!! I actually made them surprised, because my left eye ball was completely shifted to left. They did not say anything about it, but I saw their surprised faces.
I do not remember anything after that, but my mother told me that my parents stayed the hospital until 9:30p.m.

March 18th, 2009 around 10:a.m. (almost conscious all day)
I was transferred from like a 2nd ICU to a safe unit (it was located on 8th floor).
My fist day riding a wheel chair. I was soooo bored spending my day on the hospital bed. Nurses and CNAs held and stood me up, and helped me to sit on a wheel chair(it took 5 minutes to do this!). And then they tighten my chest and wheel chair together, so I don’t fall from the chair. I was extremely unstable. My father pushed the wheel chair and my mother was paying attention with me very carefully. We went downstairs and went to a gift shop (even tough my nurse told me to stay only on 8th floor). I bought a small package of m&m’s chocolate. (continued…)

Mariko, your story made me remember so many things in my experience, I remember yelling and telling everyone that they had to transfer me to another hospital. The later I remembered having said some bad things to the staff, and I apologized to my Doctor later on. He just touched my hand, and said “James, you have had a brain injury. It’s part of how you react a lot of times after having one”. I will never forget his kindness…

Hi Mariko,

I found your account incredibly riveting. I also loved the part about the M&Ms because they are one of my favorite types of chocolate candy.

Take care,