The Fight Goes On

Well it is offical now I am scheduled for my fifth embolization on July 1st and one more to follow this one on top of that they will be doing my third gamma knife after the embo’s are done. I have to say I am a little nervous and anxious I never expected to have more embo’s done it was quite a surprise but this is what the surgeon feels is the best way to go. He said it was 4.5cm still pretty significant size and sees some areas he feels can be closed off before radiation. I have tickets already to go to Hawaii in September and am hoping everything goes ok so I can travel. Ok I am so nervous I don’t even know what to write so I will sign off now and gather myself and talk with everyone later when I can write happy words. LOL

Good luck Lee Ann! I hope you can go to Hawaii too. Have you thought of taking a cruse there? I know you have the tickets, but there may be something the airline can do especially since if you can’t go it is due to a medical reason. Good luck with your embos and gamma!

Good luck Lee Ann! Yes it is nerve wracking but I know you will do great! We will always be here to listen!

Well lee ann good luck with everything in july and the months to follow :slight_smile: How big was your avm to start? Have all those treatments its still 4.5 cm? And by the way i’m sneeking into your luggage before you leave for hawaii :):slight_smile: Hope you are able to have a great time there

Thank you everyone and no problem Andrea I will make sure I bring a big suit case! From what I understand my AVM was 7cm to start but they want me to bring my original films so they can look at them. I was hoping it would have been smaller after all the treatments done so far but keeping positive this round will do the trick.