The Driving Ambition

After my AVM cerebral bleed, and craniotomy I had lost my drivers' license, but
I had always loved driving, and I meant to get it back if at all possible. My close up vision was messed up, and my facial expressions even more messed up, but after a few months post-bleed I was not nearly as bad off as I looked.

I saw my neuro-surgeon for the last time a few months post operation and
I asked him if I could try to get my license back, and he said yes. It was
easier said than done.

First, after several months of waiting, I was given two days of tests at my former hospital, and it was determined that I could potentially drive again, but next I had to take the state MVA test just like for a new driver. (I had driven for 30 years before the AVM) I had to study up for that and when I got to take the test I was ready and aced it good. I was as proud as a 17 year old!( I was 54) The problem was that the state MVA would still not give me a new license because they were concerned about giving returning major brain surgery patients a drivers license too soon. The local head of the MVA and the MVA headquarters fought over whether to
give me another license so soon.(1 year and 4 mos. after surgery.) The head of the local MVA told them I had been passed by an expert and they had better give me
that new license. The local head did not blink and it was issued and I got it that day. I was so happy!

But then a year later, I had a perfect new driver's record, but they still
made me come in for an interview and I was given several computer simulated
driving tests. I was a computer gamer, and I loved the tests, and easily
passed all those. As I was leaving I asked the officer how I had done with
everything, and he told me that I was about as good as it gets for drivers
returning from what I had. They told me that I would not be bothered again.

I hope not!

For all of you wanting to get that license back I wish you the best!

Great news and it’s funny how those gaming skills came in handy lol…not sure if I sat that test if my Call Of Duty skills would assist me as much hahaha… God bless!

Thank you, Adrian.
I enjoyed those tests!

John, Looks like now you have to have a certified copy of your birth certificate just to renew. Jeez! I’m good for four more years but they sure make it tough!

Congrats to you! I never thought the act of driving as important as the feeling of Independence to go when and where you want and not relying on others.

Thank you, Pjnsbrgh! That is true, almost. But since that last check out
they have left me alone, and for me no tickets, and only one accident one where
a person crossed the double yellow lines to strike me and got all the blame.

Yes, the best thing is that feeling of Independence! I live in a place where
there is little public transportation and I do sometimes badly need
to drive. John

Great news! Congrats John :)