The Doctor's Reception Room

It was about a year after my AVM, and cerebral bleed and my daughter was going
to a medical appointment and she asked me to go with her so she would not be alone.
I went, but I could not read anything because I did not have my reading glasses
with me.

On the floor were two very young children playing, and what I liked about them
was what seemed to be their attitude. They were enjoying their play time, and
you could see by how they acted that they loved life and that for them there
was no limit as to what their future could be. Their lives had hardly started
and the sky was the limit.

I was an AVM survivor and just starting my "second life" and strange as it is to say...I felt that I had much in common with them. I was much older, but I was alive,
and to me there was also no limit to my future. I felt good, and actually I
was still slowly improving all the time. The sky was the limit!

As my daughter got back from seeing the doctor, we got up to leave and I smiled
at those young children, and one of them noticed and flashed me a million dollar
smile that made me feel even better than I had before. That smile warms me still!

Yes I definitely agree that it feels good to know we have a second chance at life John…God bless!

I love your positive attitude and outlook on life, John P.!

Thanks Adrian, and Mom!
I also like your attitudes.

This is a sweet story. It’s amazing how the little things of life can bring us hope and think positive such as children playing. You are getting better and not letting life pass by. That’s terrific!

Thank you, Chelsea, I appreciate your comments.