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The cost of a brain AVM surgery (partial resection with coiling)


Hi guys, I am a 29 years old women and this year I found that I have a grade 1 AVM based on the Spetzler Martin scale. I am from Romania and I went to several doctors here, however I feel that the option of having a partial resection with coiling sounds better in other European countries. I am thinking of Germany, but I would really appreciate some thoughts around other places. Also, I am not that familiar with the surgery / treatment costs for other countries, so any info around that will help me a lot. I want to take a decision as soon as possible so I can get rid of this problem. Cheers :slight_smile:


Welcome! Did you have a bleed or find out about your AVM incidentally or as a result of symptoms? I can’t provide much info in respect to Dr.s in Europe but imagine some others will provide info. There is a number of Dr. in the U.S. that will provide a second opinion if your scans are available and can be e-mailed. Some really experienced Dr.s, the cost us reasonable and may provide more info as you are in the decision process and seeking another opinion closer to home. I had a grade 2 that bleed in May 2016 and had gamma knife in November 2016. Still in the process. Mine was small but the location bumped it up a grade. I wish you the best and hope this site can provide some options for you. Take Care, John


Thanks for the kind welcome.
I’ve started experiencing pulsatile tinnitus in my left ear that brought a lot of discomfort to my day by day life. Several doctors treated me for otitis but with no effect. When they were out of drugs to give me, they’ve sent me to take a CT scan with contrast substance. At that CT scan the AVM was revealed. That happened in May, and no, I never had a bleed in my brain, so I consider myself lucky :).
Since then I’ve went tot several doctors here in Romania and I’ve found out the best treatment. Now, I am searching for a clinic to handle my case, so I would really appreciate some recommendations around clinics in Europe.


Hi cammy
Sorry to hear about your problem.I see you are from Romania.What I can recommend you in term of one of best neurosurgery clinics in East europe is Nemocnica Homolka in Prague.I had there gamma knife treatment of my hydrocephalus/avm issue.I am totally healed after 4 years.Neurosurgeons are very skilled and they are having several years experience with gamma knife treatment.Also I think it is affordable solution in Europe.


Thanks for your reply I will try to find more information about that clinic :).