The cd

Hello to all mine and Luke’s friends. Things have been very busy in our household right now. LUke has a bad flu and his brother has also been home sick .

We have had two breakthroughs this week. The first one, the hospital has let us have a copy of a cd with all of LUke’s scans on them hellelugha. The second is that it looks like jordan will be diagnosed as being on the autism spectrutm. Don’t get me wrong i am not jumping up for joy that he has a problem, we have known he has had a serious problem for years, the good news is that others a ready to recognize this and help us to deal with it.

Hi Michelle
Glad you finaly got the CD with all of Lukes scans on, well done you.
I am also glad Jordan has been finally diagnosed, like you not that he has got it but finally you may be able to move forward with some overdue help.
I hope the guys feel better some, take care.

I’m sorry to hear that the boys are sick with the flu, but glad that you finally got a diagnosis for Jordan that will allow him to get the help he needs.

Hi Michelle, hope the bug is gone by now. I am glad you got the cds, now try to contact the best doctors. With a diagnose Jordan will get the right treatment. Have a nive weekend. Love .xxxx

hi michelle,your son is so amazing and you as a mum are must give your son so much strength and hope,our thoughts and prayers are always with you xxxx