The big talk

this past saturday i woke up abought 2am in the morning to go to the bathroom and i realized i couldnt move my right arm and left leg right side of my face was numb. so i woke my wife up and she got me to the hospital…they took a cat and told us that i might have had a stroke.then the dotor came in and said it was not a stroke but a tia. but its been almost a week still haveing trouble with numbness in right hand and arm. so we called our nerosurgion and we are going friday he told us it was time to try and find out what has happend.because he wasent happy with the results from the cat that they took at the other hospital. soooo he said he thought it was time to talk abought options i have been dreeding this talk for a long time i was praying it was not going to come to this.but hear we are. i have two avms so maybe he can give us some answers and maybe get me going in the right driction to get in me some kind of relief to this nightmare ,so wish me luck.

Best of luck tomorrow, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you, the prayer circle on this site is amazing.

An appointment like this is never going to be easy for sure. You and your wife will be nervous wrecks but somehow you will find the strength to do this and I hope and pray your news is positive. Living like you are now, in constant fear, is just too difficult. I hope they can do something to work you towards being AVM free. My thoughts are with you, Avery.