The Big Decision

Today I met with my neurologist to discuss the results of my angiogram. We talked about the meetings he and his collegues have been having over the past 2 weeks to discuss my options. Thankfully, I have some good news. My motor cortex has developed differently due to the AVM chronically shunting blood, which means that it has "likely" moved further away from the AVM over the years. Also, the drainage of my AVM is all superficial, which makes surgery a bit easier. As a result, even though my AVM is very large, I got a grade 3/5 rather than 4. I will be speaking with the surgeon on Monday, but apparently he is willing to operate. My neurologist really stressed the large risks of surgery, but I still feel confident. He said that most of his collegues agree that I should finish medical school first, and then operate. That being said, I would need another angiogram and the ridiculous radiation and horrible reaction (blindness, migraines, vomitting) that came along with it.

I think I will get the craniotomy, but the decision of when will be a hard one. For now, I'll need to have a relaxing weekend to prepare for my chat with the surgeon on Monday:)

Vera that sounds like good news to me! I had the most overwhelming feeling that all would be just fine with my craniotomy and it was! I am now 2 weeks back to work and not quite 4 months post op. I do not regret any of the decisions I made. My AVM was discovered in Nov 09 and was out of the hospital recovering from surgery on Feb. 2. I spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital, but I had a bleed during the angio right after surgery, but because of the care I received I made it through with flying colors. Best of luck to you on Monday. I hope you hear more good news. When are you finished with school?

i just left a comment on your page asking how your appiontment went… and now just come across your blog…glad the docs have given you an option for treatment …best of luck for monday …please let me know how you go …will be thinking of you… xoxox

Good luck ahead, go with your instinct!