The Big Day

Well the Big Day is here. Tomorrow I go for my Gamma Knife. I have to admit I am pretty nervous about this, usually I do ok when I have some sort of procedure done, just blow it off as just something that I have to go through, but this one has me a little on edge for some reason. Probably because they are messing with my head, the part where I live.
Thanks to everyone for pushing me to get my AVM checked out and for getting me to here.
Talk to you all next week sometime.


Good luck and I will pray for you to be healed! Talk to you next week! Louisa

Remember this huge circle of AVM friends will be thinking and praying for you! Let us know how you are!

i wish you all the best for you procedure…and will be thinking of you and sending lots of positive energies your way…keep strong all will be fine

I will keep you in my thoughts and wish you the best.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Take care,


Will be thinking of you! You’ll do great!

John, I will definitely be thinking of you! AVM - be gone!

It will feel good to take some action! Prayerfully, this will be the beginning of the end for your AVM! Our prayers are with you!

hang in there

i wish you the best John! you will be in my thoughts today.

Good Luck John…I had gamma knife 2 years ago and it was not bad at all. Relax and everything will be fine. It is hard to eat and drink through the frame, so ask for help.

I was suppose to have Gamma Knife on Monday but drove there today for preop or whatever it is, basically to watch video and sign papers and found out they still have not received authorization from my insurance. I was a bit frustrated as I was initially suppose to have Nov. 23rd & the scheduler forgot to write my name down and they filled that spot so I rescheduled for Dec. 14th then and I asked them about preauthorization back then but was told it only takes a few days to get approval so today I found out it is still pending as my insurance request 15 days for review - so not sure when it will be done. I’m not sure what to make of this…

Good Luck to you John - I guess by now you are finished with the procedure… that is awesome that that part is over. Hope you are feeling okay. It takes some mental preparation I believe to get ready for this so when I found out today there is a delay I explained to the scheduler that it is difficult as it is not an easy thing to do, that is mentally be ready. Also, I have my mother who is scheduled to fly here already and also scheduled time off from work - I want the best outcome and have prayed that this be in God’s hands so there must be a reason for this - or maybe they need a new scheduler :slight_smile: I am already apprehensive so this is not helping.

Hey, John, I’m sure everything went well. These next 1-2+ years might be stressful as you can do nothing but wait and wait and wait, but we’re here for you. After 2 years of waiting, mine is all gone, so it’s worth it. Keep us updated!

Thanks everyone for the best wishes and prayers. Everything went well, Doctor said there is a good chance the AVM will be gone from this one procedure due to location and size. My head is a little sore this morning from the frame, but thats ok. Friends say I look like the Terminator with the frame on my head.

Love your frame John! You look great in a frame! I am so happy that your AVM should be gone! I remember the day they told me mine was gone…what a happy day! Louisa

John you are so photogenic !
I hope the days are as good as they can be and get better as you rest , heal and move forward on your way to the avm being gone . One day at a time .
Be good to you . Take care of you .