The best news in the world!

Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts, on Friday 10th July Jacob has a temporal lobe ectomy and resection of his avm…today 15th July after an angiogram to check it was confirmed…JACOB IS AVM FREE THIS REALLY IS THE BEST NEWS IN THE WORLD!! after almost 4 years 3 craniotomies, 2 embolizations, gamma knife and many other things we are finally avm free and it just doesnt feel real yet…WOW

That is tremendous news! I’m overcome with happiness for you and Jacob.


thank you x

Wow! What a long path to get to AVM Free! I can only imagine that it doesn’t feel real yet. But what an awesome day and great news! I’m sure you are all so very thrilled and you should be! Wishing the best for Jacob on his new journey with NO AVM!

Congratulations, that’s the best news you could ever hope to hear! Such a long hard road but so glad Jacob is now clear!

you just brought a tear to my eye. that is fantastic! i hope he is recovering well!

I am absolutely thrilled for Jacob!

thanks so much every one,still a way to go in recovery butthe worst is over and a new chapter begins. I only wish we could all get the same news more often, big hugs for all xxxxxxxxx

That is wonderful news!!! Prayer power works, i cried when I heard your great news!!

WOW and WOW. I was waiting for this news!! Thank God! I am very happy for all of you. Congratulations Jacob!

Being an old Soldier in the military we having a saying when we hear great news, something good and/or really motivating like this great news about Jacob so here it is - HOOAH!!! This is really great news and like the reader above said prayer really does works.