The Backpack Of Life

I have always said Imove through life with a backpack, not luggage or baggage. My backpack has just enough in it to survive and not slow me down or so big that it keeps me from moving forward at a comfortable pace. It is on my back, behind me, like the experiences are. I sit down on the curb of life on occasion and look through my backpack, slowly retreiving the information one article at a time. Some of the moments bring a smile to my face and others tears. Some give me strength to carry on as if I could survive "that" then Ican survive anything.

The Life Backpack holds many tools for my success as my new memory skills make it difficult to retain information in my current days, so I "attach" the current to the past. If I need to go some place I listen and drive the route in my head but replacing where Ineed to go with where Ihave been. I think of my past as it is firming grounded in my memory and use it to navigate my days, it is exhausting but a nessity these days.

One of the things I have learned from my past that I use daily is that although someone does not hear me doesn't mean they are deaf so no need for me to yell louder! They do not hear because they do not wish to be educated and the volume at which I give information will still fall upon deaf ears. In essence they are ignoring me so I have began to ignore them, it is a coping skill not a social issue.

I love the simplicity of my life these days and yet the complexity of how I navigate it. I am reminded everyday of my past as I have to use it to navigate the present. Most folks go through life and forget or just don't use their memory in their day. I am blessed tobe able to remember the past and most importantly to be embraced by it daily. My backpack keeps me safe, it keeps me sane and it is truly a gift.

Have a good day and thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.