The baby business

I am now thinking of having a baby.
I am single and live alone.
I will sort of be being a surrogate Mum for some-one very close,
Any thoughts?
Are there any single brain avm Mums or Dads out there? I am on keppra and clobozam and an anti-depressant. Advice appreciated.


Wow. I'm kind of torn on what to say for so many reasons! One side I'm like what an awesome person being a surrogate! And then I'm like but no one knows for sure if avms are hereditary. Plus all the'd be putting yourself in so much danger. But I don't know what your situation is. Do you have an active avm or is it gone? One thing for sure, you'd have to stop the meds because of the harm they can/will do to the baby and since you'd be a's not you that would have to deal with the effects.
If your avm is active it's still risky. I was 13 weeks pregnant when my avm bled. My blood pressure went up, as is expected during pregnancy. Totally effed me over from it but the baby is fine...he's a year old now. I don't know...I think you should bring the person you're being a surrogate for in on some doctor sessions for some actual advice. I think your friend should know what she's dealing offense.