That time of year. AVM aggravated by cold weather?

Hello- I live in the US in New England. The cold weather is coming back and I’m starting to get “pressure” / “discomfort” in my head near the site of the AVM. Anyone else have a similar experience?

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I started a thread about this months back when I first experienced it myself

Best, answers I have gotten were - it just happens

I think it was this one…

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Thank you. I see I’m not alone. Someday maybe I’ll be able to move to warmer climate.

I’m in Texas for work at the moment - oh man, I can def feel an odd difference in my head just a bit - the temperature here is in the low 40’s for the low - back home, it’s close to 60

Nothing huge just bit of an odd feel in my head - but, on the positive note - the external veins on my temples are much less noticeable

My son just said he is feeling pressure at his AVM sight, he is coaching swimming (former college swimmer) and is working out with the team, speaking with doctors about it, never thought golf weather could be a thing! Thx for the insight!