thanks to all who thoughtand prayed for me during my recent procedure. it was very kind of you all. iam slowly on the mend, no more avm thanks to Dr. Gordon. every doctor told me it was inoperable i’dswear itwas jesus holding that scalpal.

hope all is well with everyone…
Dr. Gordon works out of Montifiore ( bronx) New York; he really is an amazing surgeon.

xx happy valentines day

Aislinn, Happy Valentines Day to you and yours…So good to hear you are well. Slow and easy does it every time. HMMM-isn’tthat a song ?

Aislinn, i am so happy your procedure went well. i hope your recovery goes along fast and smoothly.

so… good to hear from you…glad all went well…i will continue to pray for a fast recovery for you…love and best wishes alicia xxx

I am so happy for you, Aislinn! You give me so much hope, because I’ve been told that mine is also inoperable. I hope that we can meet one day, since we are probably only an hour away from each other!

Congrats Aislinn! Get lots of rest, girl! So glad that it went well.

Hey Aislinn thats the best start to a new year ever, congratulations!

Great news! So glad to hear you are doing well and no more AVM!