Thanks to my wounderful family and friends for all the support

Well Today I want to add a thanks to my wounderful family and friends that have supportetd me during this time, and will keep on untill the end (*I hope)
Theese last couple of days has been awful with headaches, speech problems and now high fever.
My oldest is on a bandy cup with his father. unfortunately the day would be to long for me so I have to stay home. i hope they have fun.
Talked to my best friend today. I really couldn´t have made it without her. She have told the people around me about my problems so that they woulden´t aske me to mutch or pick on me for my speech problem. tomorrow she´s gonna help me to call the doctor so that we can get some really help.
Feels like the doctor´s here just gave me a slap in the face and said that i should go to a speech therapist. What can she do when the doctor´s dosen´t know whats wrong.
I tought that a doctor hade to find out whats wrong with a patient. I don´t think it´s normal for a 30 year old woman to suddenly loose her speech. but seems that they think otherwise. Well Hope the best for tomorrow. Have to rest now so that I´ll get well. Don´t have time to be sick now!! It´s enough with the AVM problems. Over and out.