Thanks to My Daughter!

Some time ago I wrote a blog entry to thank my wife for
her extraordinary help in bringing me back from my AVM
disaster. Well, if I thank her then I really must thank
my oldest daughter also, and so I will do so today. She deserves it.

When I suffered my AVM, and cerebral bleed...I had no idea
what was happening and I collapsed at home waiting for my
frozen dinner to cook and also for my wife and daughter to
each come home from work. Well, I was laying senseless on the floor, thinking that I was dying, when my daughter came in the house. She found me collapsed and called me an ambulance right away. I was in no condition to do that, or to do anything to help myself. When my wife arrived home a
few minutes later, she tells me, there were two ambulances
outside the house. I was being taken away, thanks to daughter!

That is not all. When I was back home a couple months later
I was told to report to rehab, three days a week, at
a medical location about 20 miles away. I was in no
condition to drive and wife had to work because there
was no guarantee that I would ever be well enough to work
again and bring home money. So, daughter got a leave of
absence from her job and for about a month she brought me
to rehab every day that I needed to be there, and she negotiated between me and rehab when there were any issues that needed to be discussed. Rehab was of great help to me
in bringing me back. I remember my favorite rehab teacher
later telling me that I was so far gone that she did not
know if they could help me, but they did. It could not have
happened if not for daughter.

Besides this she was a person into religious healing at
her house of worship and I remember her praying over me
that I would recover and that the time stolen from me
by the locust(my AVM) would be restored to me. This became
quite a bit of time eventually, but it does seem to have
been restored to me.

So, now I have given equal time to both wife and daughter
who both were such a huge help to me! Thanks to you both,
for all time! Of course also I give thanks to my doctors and nurses, and all those who prayed for me, and also to
who they prayed to.

You always bring such positive news In your blogs, John. Thanks!

Thank you, Tim. You are kind, but I do think that it is helpful
to be optimistic about things rather than gloomy.

I couldn’t agree more, John. I’m the eternal optimist. Always look on the bright side of life…

Fantastic Blog John, Thanks for sharing this with the community :) , May I ask When you collapsed from the bleed were you still aware of your environment and surroundings ?, For me I "blacked out" I just remember going to the bathroom to vomit and then waking up in hospital after surgery wondering what happened. Thanks.


Thanks, Martin. My collapse went like this:
I got this terrible headache, and I swallowed an aspirin to give me
some relief. That almost did me in, and then it was lights out. There was no time to
yell or to protest, and I had no idea why, but I fully believed that I was dying.
I have no memory of anything else until after my operation...about 4 weeks later.
Sorry that I did not answer this earlier, but we have had computer problems.