Thanks to my boosters

Thanks for boosting me up you guys. I did write R & L on my hands so I know which way to go with the dog. Haven't practiced yet, but I will let you know. Thank you for encouraging me to not quit. It is easier to quit, and I have quit many things in my life (jobs comes to mind) but in the long run it will be a great result to make the guide dog deal work for me and the dog. I love him, and he loves me.

I am not a person who takes kindly to critiquing by the trainers. I call it "yelling at me" when no one has yelled at all. It's just their stern voices because they want this to work for me as much as I want it to, also. I wish at the time it occurs I could think as clearly as I am now. I take everything that is negative as something that is my fault. And they understand totally blind people here, but they may not see many brain injured half blind people. They don't get me at all. A friend texted me this weekend and said it took her a while to see how smart and real and good I am. I don't shine through at first. Thanks again. I will contact the person from Ben's Friends as soon as I can Patti G.


Good on you beans!!