Thanks guys

i’m feeling a little better. the social worker at the hosp. bypassed me through emerg, they wanted to admit me but i declined. i;m on a small dose of amytriptyline. they told me to take a break from the hosp. the doc put me off work for a month. got all new bank accts. have to wait for my visa but i can live without for a while. today i’ll fax my new acct num. to all my direct deposits. the soc worker wants me to go shopping, buy myself something from kevin. it’s my daughter’s b’day today. she’s 21.i’ve mailed off the cat scan to my dad, should hear something early next week. thanks for the words of encouragement they really do help. i still have some hope. have a wonderful new year’s. i’ve got my fingers crossed that this will be a better year. happy new year everyone…ginny

glad to hear things are a little better, sure…next year is bound to be better…take care…all my love Aliciaxxxx

Happy New Year Ginny and Kevin!!!
Happy Birthday to “the daughter”, 21, so exciting!!!
Breathing time is now Ginny…
Hugs all round. Be good to you. Take care of you.
My positive thoughts and prayers are with you all…

Glad things are a bit better. Hope that the new beginning in '09 will make a difference.