Thanks Giving!

Thanks for all you have given me. Thanks for all you will give me. Thanks.

Truly this year will be different for me. I have always spent this holiday rushing around on a time schedule, turkey in and food bought and table set. Decorations up and cards sent. Rush, rush. Hurry, hurry. The "thanks" were always given in responce to friends and family as they helped in the caos. Thanks was given in many forms, some with wrapping and trimmings others with Tupperware full of leftovers. This year thanks will be given with longer hugs and a moment of pure joy when I feel the love that surrounds me in their embrace.

I laugh more now. I am trying to live more now. I will love more now. I will be more now. I am different now. Once again, Thanks. In my attempts to be thankful I will try to give more. I smile at others who rush through life. Maybe they too will take just one moment to smile. I hold doors for folks who rush through their day with no regard to the moments that have just passed them by, maybe they will take a moment to hold a door for someone else. I send letters now instead of emails, it is such a nice surprise to open the mailbox and not find that all your mail is a bill or advertisments.

I thought I was "giving" before but now I realize only when it was convenient. I was too busy. I am going to try to slow down and take more moments to be giving and thankful because of my surgery I now have time I wouldn't have had. Thanks for giving me time.

Thank you God. With love from you child, Lori.

Beautifully said, Lori. I believe so many of us rush through our days that we don’t “live” each moment to its fullest nor even “live” in the moment that we are in, as there is always something going on (even if it’s just the mere “to-do list” thoughts going through our heads).


Your words of wisdom and honesty, touched me deeply. It made me again think of my favorite quote:

“You are,…What You do,…When it counts”

Everything in our lives “count”,…and I see that you are “counting” your blessings.

Atta girl,…^5

Your friend,…