Thanks for the support

Thank you to everyone for your support. Your stories have given me hope and encouragement. I am feeling optimistic today. My sister is making progress every day. She is the younger one in the picture, by the way, the only bridesmaid in my wedding. Any advice on how to be the best sister during this time is welcomed. I live 1,500 miles away from her. I caught the first flight to be with her when she had her event, but now I might as well be a million miles away, as I am back in my home. I am trying to be smart, and save my PTO (did you know sisters are apparently not immediate family to qualify for FMLA - I was surprised). The next time my family has set for me to go back is when she goes home, so I can help her with everything. It is a helpless feeling, though, to be so far away. And when I hear of her progress I just want to be there to cheer for her and celebrate with her. I wish I could also be there to help with the care of her children, because they are her heart. I know they are well taken care of, but still... I would perhaps spoil them silly... They have an awesome dad and family, but it's just hard... Anyways, thanks again for support and sharing your stories.