Thanks for the support and advise

Thanks for the support and advice regarding my mum’s 3 hr outing last night. Unfortunately she is paying the price today. When she wore this morning she could not string a sentence together and her right hand was shaking a lot more than it should. She was over tired and had to go back to bed for a few hours. Unfortunately is is very difficult to have a discussion with my sister but it will have to be done so that mum continues to recover.

I am so glad I found this website where people understand what is going on.

Thanks a mil everyone

That is sad news, Bobby. Can your sister come over and see the results of the overexertion? It might help her understand. It sounds like she may be in denial to some extent about what your mom has been through. Maybe a third party is needed to communicate the message to your sister? Another relative, a counselor, a nurse, or doctor? I hope she gets the message soon.

Another relative is trying to help the situation. Not sure it will work as my sister is so stubborn. My mom is so vulnerable at the moment and we need to create a safe space around her.

I agree with dancermom. It's obvious that your sister needs to "wake up" and it may take some tough love to make her do that. Your mom's health and well being is top priority right now. My own opinion --> If it creates hard feelings with your sister to insure that, then so be it. I know that sounds tough but, your mom needs time to recover with no set backs.

Thanks Ben