Thanks and Peaceful thoughts

Thanks to the true and wonderful loving intentions of all a part of this network. Loving energy is more powerful than I ever realized. I am set to get a craniotomy in early December and I know just putiting it out to all who read this will help bring success and positive intent to all of us. I read something wonderful that has been helping me on every level in all aspects of life and that is; at any given moment we have the opportunity to have a peaceful thought. I find this so powerful it can be applied to any situation. Thanks to you all and the force that is beyond us all.


Claudine Flynn


Sending you my positive vibes, best wishes, peaceful thoughts, and loving energy.

“May the Force be with You”

Hi Claudine. You have such a positive attitude. I will be praying for you! have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Hello Claudine, Happy Thanksgiving and all my best wishes, positive vibes and thoughts and prayers for your surgery…don’t forget that your Higher Power is on your side.xx

Best wishes for you!