I know I've been posting here less and less often, but two days ago I received some exciting news from my neurologist. Recent MRI scans show that for the most part, my AVM has been obliterated. I am so grateful and feel so blessed. God has answered the prayers I have been saying every day for years.

That doesn't mean I'm completely at peace with my circumstances (after all, I'm still physically challenged), but for the most part...I feel joyful about the AVM healing by itself - without going through another round of radiation.

It's as if I got a weight lifted off my shoulder. Next stop: regaining movement, control, and strength on the left side of my body (especially the left extremities!)

That is great news, Jill! Thanks for sharing.

Yay for you and praise to God! Thank you for sharing such joyful news!

That certainly is good news, Jill! Keep working on your therapy!

Thanks everyone! :)