Thank you

denise is sleeping most of the time and doesnt really know whats going on. im charlie, her husband, and thank you for your responses. we will both need support to get through this and this looks like a great place for that. by reading your stories yesterday, i can tell how courageous and strong all of you are and look forward to having my wife begin her recovery with a support system like this. thank you so much and please pray her surgery is a success tomorow.

Definitely will say a prayer for her… and for your whole family. You must be so worried. Just take is one day at a time. Thinking of you, Charlie.

Your whole family is in my prayers, Charlie. Let us know how things go tomorrow!

Hi Charlie
my thoughts and prayers are with you,denise and your family. i pray that the surgery goes well and that she has a speedy recovery.

both you and denise are in my prayers…may all go well tommorrow and may denise make a fast recovery and get back home to you and the kids…stay strong and positive a big hug for both you and denise thinking of you both …xxxx

Hi! Charlie you and Denise are in my prayers. My daugther also had surgery for her AVM bleed she did alot of sleeping we were told to expect it the brain is healing and sleep aids in the healing process. Stay positive willing be praying for you and your family

Hi Charlie! Please stay strong and believe in the Lord. We are all praying for your family… take care