Thank you!

I joined this website this morning. I cannot express to you how grateful I am for all of the support I have already received. Thank you. Those of you who have written have been so wonderful with your words of encouragement and hope. It is difficult to read some, as they express the pain you endured with your AVM rupture. I cannot stand to envision the pain my little Warren felt that morning in March. We’re approaching 9 months from injury, but we are very much still getting adjusted. I may not write every day, as I spend 24/7 caring for Warren, supporting his therapies, managing his tube feeds and constant medications. Please know that I so appreciate all of your kind words and am grateful that I happened into this network this morning and took a chance.

Amy, you and Master Warren need only to concentrate on today…The last nine months of love, care, holding, talking, singing and joy he has had with you are the foundation for tomorrow, yes??? You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers-and those of many…I am so glad you took the chance and shared yourselves with us.

Thank you for sharing. Please take care of priority number one “Master Warren”. :slight_smile:

We’ll be here when you need us.

Amy so happy God sent you to this site and to us,:slight_smile: welcome Caroline

update us when ever you can. Warren is your top priority

Hello Amy welcome, it is a huge thing when you find this website i remember how i felt in july last year, as i had never spoken to anyone else with an avm let alone a baby with an avm. There can be comfort in sharing and knowing others are going through or have been through somthing similar and can have a better understanding of how we are feeling. I am also a carer but not to the extent you are, my son luke who will be 3 in march was diagnosed with his avm when he was 3 months old. I am also in a caring role for my 7 year old who has a bit of autism. It CAN be so tiring and draining in the role of carer i sure know what it means to change your life around so much. Anyway i do not want to overload you with 2 much at once but feel free to contact me for a chat or just to vent or complain if you are feeling down, some days can be better then others and that is what i always keep in mind, i hope you are also getting some respite help so you can have a break. Take care Michelle