Thank You

Thank you for all your welcomes and support for my son and myself. I know we are blessed to have found the AVM before he had a bleed. He had a focal seizure which followed by test revealed the AVM. The AVM is on his left frontal lobe.It appears to be superficial and is of medium size. Too large for the gamma knife.He had an ateriogram a week before Christmas. He and his wife do not want to take a risk of a bleed and want to be rid of it, so have chosen to have it removed. He will have his surgury to remove it on Wednesday. On Tuesday he will have an embolization then remain in ICU until the next morning, the day of his surgery. After surgery he will be in ICU at least two more days, followed by a short hospital stay. After returning home he will be off work for 4 weeks and remain on his anticonvulsion medication for 4 months. I am trying to be brave, but it is very scarey. My son is 35, has a wonderful wife and daughter. He is amazing and stronger than I could have ever imagined a person facing this could be. I'm sure his faith and need to be strong for us all has alot to do with his outward expressions. He started haveing terrible headaches in high school. The headaches would always come after playing a football game. Then the headaches would come on for no reason.
He had a bad accident as a child when roller skateing at a roller rink. I had always feared the headaches were a result of his earlier accident and have been worrying about his headaches for years now. I have researched and understand AVM's are not caused by accidents in most articles I have read. We will travel tomorrow to a hospital in Dallas. His preop is on Monday. His surgeon, found by his wife, has done many operations removing AVM's and appears to have a qualifed team. He has a good reputation for success. After I leave for Dallas you will not hear from me until I return home Sunday week. I would like to read some of your stories. I would like to know who had a bleed before surgery, and who had the surgery before a bleed. Also what kind of issues you had to deal with afterwards. I need to be prepared. Thank you for this site.

Hi Jasmine. You are more than welcome to read my profile! I will be praying for your son!

Thank you Barbara H. I will.

Jasmine, i hope all has gone well for your son, I will continue to pray for him. Hope to hear a wonderful update soon!

I made it back from Dallas last night with wonderful news! It went just as the doctor had said it would. His embolization took 4 hours on Tuesday. It was done by Dr. Rickert. She is wonderful, so careing and answers all questions. Dr. Duke Samson removed the AVM in a six hour surgery on Wed. Everything went great. He is a wonderful surgeon. He has removed 1,012 AVMs. He has so much knowledge to use to work with his skill. Southwestern University Hospital Zale Lipshy Building in Dallas Texas. Thank you all for your prayers. Now to get through the healing of his head and hopeful pass all the head aches and pain. A small price to pay for his life.