All of you are the BEST!!! The advice, support, and love I've received here have been valuable beyond measure!!! We are going to the neurosurgery center at Barnes, and THEY are going to be taking care of this, hopefully sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I went to see my primary care physician, who had extensively researched avm, and she said that there was no reason why I should NOT be able to take tylenol/t3, and that the naproxen WAS a bad idea, and she took me off of it. After having spent the last week feeling horrible, I am now virtually pain free, and actually able to function(though not drive) again. Thank you ALL for your support, advice, and help!!!!!

We're so glad you are feeling better, millie. Thank you for sharing the good news.

Thank you for letting us know that you can take Tylenol. I believe I was told that was the only pain med I should take.

Very good to hear you are getting the treatment you need!

Thanks for such a positive post Millie. It is also nice when people receive info here and then double check with their doctor to make sure things would work for them specifically. Happy to hear you are feeling better too:).