Thank you to all that have bought bracelets! we just donated $573 to taaf!

Hi everyone!

So far since last May, we have donated a grand total of $873.00 to TAAF! I sent the first check for $300 back in October of 2009 and I just finished posting our 2nd donation on the TAAF 5th Annual Aneurysm and AVM Awareness Walk donation web page! Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this donation! I love getting your orders and hearing your stories and knowing how excited you are to receive your bracelets. I feel this is the best way that I can help us all make a difference! I have plenty in stock and will continue to sell bracelets again for next year's walk. Hope to hear from you soon! All you have to do is send me your mailing address and how many you would like to purchase and email to me at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■. Remember that $1 from each bracelet sold gets donated directly to TAAF!

Kim McDermott

(Jaclyn's Mom)

That is so exciting!!! My husband and I haven’t taken our bracelets off in over a year :slight_smile: Hope you can send more money next year as well

That is awesome Andrea! It love it when I see friends and family that bought them from us who also don’t take thiers off either! I hear they are a great conversation starter and surely get the word out! My husband wears 2 on each wrist just in case someone wants to buy one from him directly…LOL! Thx again :heart:

That is sweet news! I bought one for my sister bro in law my mom, kids and myself. I love when we all get together and put our wrists together! I always think of Transformers and when they say together we are unstoppable! Best part is that it is true!

That is awesome Jamie! Love it!