Thank you for good thoughts

Thank you everyone for the good thoughts about my M.R.I. I kept imagining I could feel them as, first they told me it WAS with contrast which I had convinced my self to think that it wasn't a big deal because my Neruo. didn't want to see the vessels too. and then I held on really hard to the fact that I had a connection to people who KNOW what I am going through as for some reason this time I had to fight off the claustraphobia of the machine noises and the face mask over me. WOW. That was so hard. Any body else start to panic in there?? Every time I thought I could relax a bit the noises would start and not being able to move ofcourse everything started to itch so bad! The tech was really nice though and he even gave me a copy of the MRI on cd. What a party favor. Hey guys come and look at my brain.No really it's cool.;-) Although the tec did tell me that my good vein in my arm, the one that I tell all the nurses to use because it sticks up and is easliy accesed, and after 10 years of this ya kinda get to know which veins are good and which are hard to get to right? He told me that I have some serious scar tissue building on/in it. Oh well. ANY ideas on how to stay busy until Dr. Louie calls? I live 2 hours away from any major city so he usually calls me to let me know and then I go see him. I can't get away from the phone. I am obsessed with it. Thank You all for everygood thought sent my way. I so needed them.

Hello Angelaok
So glad to hear that you made it through your MRI. Are you being seen in Davis? I hate the face mask part of the MRI's. My trick is to ask the tech how long its going to be and then when then tell you how many minutes each part is and I count so I can figure how much longer I am going to be in the machine. I dropped off paperwork today at my neuro's office at Stanford and the front desk people said that all the neuros were off this week. Maybe its the same at the hospital you are going to and it might be worth it to call to see if he is in or not. That way you can at least leave the house and not be house bound until next week. The doctors do not seem to get it how nerve racking it is to wait around to get news and you dont want to miss their call. Try to keep as busy as possible. There is a great site that has great games that help with memory etc....and are a big time suck, my speech therapist told me about it.

Thank you for the update, I was wondering how things went for you! I'm glad it's over - I've not had an MRI but I know they can be loud and scary, from family and friends who have had them done. We were told it usually takes about 48 hrs for the results - so it should only be a couple of days and then you'll be getting a call. For now, try to rest up and keep posting!

I was never a big fan of the MRIs either. My doctor prescribed a valium for me to take about 1/2 an hour before I went in. It didn't make it all okay, but I think it took the edge off to where I was able to stay in the macine long enough to get it done. Let us know how it turns out!