Since all this AVM mumbo jumbo began a month ago- it’s really beeen hard for me to keep my same routine. Everybody has told me not to change what I do. I work in finance and whatever else needs to be done at a boat dealership. This time of year is crazy!!! It has been hard for me to keep calm, deal with my issues, and maintain peace among all the customers and employees here. I told someone the other day- “It’s just the wrong time of year for this to be happening to me.” I am so involved in what I do here- and I am trying so hard to keep stress free. Impossible with this job. From April until September I keep high blood pressure- now this? Anyway- I can’t wait for the weekends. I work on Saturdays but I am off on Sun and Mon. Those are the 2 days that I am able to find my sanity! I am so excited that the weekend is here. I hope everyone has a great one as I know I will have time to relax!!!

I have to agree with TGIF! Today is Scrapbooking Day on QVC and tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day…I’m thrilled! LOL