TEXAS - almost 250 members in this state alone!

Wow. This site is growing at a phenomenol rate.

While I would love to send out personal invitations to everyone (not just in the state), I can't do that. Maybe I'll figure out a better way, I don't know. I know this is rather late notice, but there is an AVM get-together in Houston on Dec. 8th. Don't feel like you have to go, but if you want to go, please RSVP by going to the "more" tab on the main site you will see "events" and this get-together is listed there. You might also see other events that you may wish to attend. Hope everyone is doing as well as possible. :J

Thanks Suzy for doing this and the many other things you do for all of us here. You comments and support are a blessing to us all. ~Elizabeth

Thanks for the kind words Elizabeth. Yoe are a gem. We are all in this together, but the biggest support comes within. We just don't always see that right away. ;) Here's to all the fantastic members! (ok, about to sing cumba ya...lol).

I'm bummed I can;t go, why is it one has nothing planned 50 weeks a year, then the weekend something cool is planned you get invites to 5 family things, ugh...

Relax James. This is very last minute. We will definitely do this again and then there's Daniel's thing! Don't beat yourself up. Wishing you n Lisa n the furries (plus all your loved ones... to numerous to name here) a very Merry Christmas! :J