Tests for brothers and sisters for avm

My 17 year old daughter Sophia has a large avm in her right side of her brain. We are awaiting treatment. I was just wondering if any one had a child with an avm with brothers or sisters and if you went on to get them tested for avms.

Sophia has two younger sisters they have told me avms are uncommon and usually occur whilst developing in the mother’s womb just unsure on what to think as not a lot of information.

Thank you


AVMs in themselves are not thought to be hereditary. I would guess, as you say, since some AVMs are believed to be formed in the womb (= congenital) that if Sophia were a twin, it would definitely be worth investigating the other twin.

However, there are other conditions that carry AVMs that are hereditary. HHT is the one I know of. If there are other signs in yourself or in your parents that might indicate something, then gene testing may be appropriate. We do have some HHT members here.

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Thank you Richard you are very kind. Always responding with a sensible answer. I will check with the hospital.

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