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Terrible headache


I’ve got the worst headache of my life today. Not sure if it’s purely because of the hangover or not. Can’t help but worry. Paracetamol doesn’t seem to be helping. I feel like it’s pointless going to the hospital if it may just be a terrible hangover. I seriously don’t know what to do. Happy new year to everyone, hope it’s a good one



I take Ibruprofen and Paracetamol together. That always works best for me.

Happy new year.



Hi Shimarlie, so its a hangover - u had a lot of acohole basically? My suggestion - stop drinking. I gave up around 14 years ago mostly, as i started having bad headaches after drinking, even with just 3 or 4 glasses etc.

Once in a blue moon i do have a few drinks, a few more beer - but i make sure i drink a lot of water before i go to bed. I mean, a lot! and a para/Ibu before as well. For me, that can be enough to i dont have the terrible headaches, but generally ive just given up drinking anyway!


Hi Shimarlie, Alcohol thins the blood and if you have an active AVM yet to be treated then you run a higher risk of having problems with it because of alcohol. I still drink but in moderation, Also note that Ibuprofen also has a blood thinning effects albeit slight and this will only add to the alcohol affect. I'm not sure on your AVM but obviously follow your doctors advice no matter what it is. I sure hope that you have someone with you while you recover from your hangover :) , Take care



I’ve pretty much stopped going out since my AVM was discovered in July, quit smoking that day too. But had a big family party for New Years and it got out of hand!! I think I just panicked that the headache was something more sinister! I don’t usually get them, my only symptom is occasional vision loss and loss of appetite. Feeling much better now, wish I didn’t have to panic so much every time I get a headache! Always paranoid that it may be a bleed. Thanks for all the advice, was very appreciated!! X


Glad to hear that everything is ok now and that it was just the hangover :) , Take care