Tendon release surgery anyone?

Has anyone here gone through a tendon release surgery?? It is almost going to be year 4 of my recovery and my PT is starting to mention it again (wooptie doo~) I again reminded him that I don’t want anymore surgeries that require for me to be in inpatient therapy and leave my toddler son behind for months yet again. If I can push it back a few more years I will. But it seems my affected leg is being stubborn again and my pt even recommended to look into doing the same for my arm as well. I did look it up and at first glance it sounds easy peasy small incision cut or release the tendon and basically down for like 3 months unable to walk or weight bare. And beforehand on a cast…ughh!! I just don’t know :weary::sob: I mean it’s been several years already but just to thought of the or sends shivers down my spine. And maybe it’s just me but like what if they mess up?! There goes my tendon… which is why I ask if anyone here has gone through that procedure. I won’t really consider it for another year or two once I have halted more to a stop I suppose. I just want a peace of mind.

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That sounds so scary!

This, honestly, is very interesting to me. I’ve never heard of this prodecure before. I have such limited mobility in my left hand (and I’m left handed!!) since having schlerotherapy and have never been offered this :frowning:

Are your AVMs infertering with your day to day life? I often find that what gets suggested to me by my doctors is FAR too invasive when compared to my quality of life. I’ve found it helpful to try and support my body so it can handle my AVMs better - staying really hydrated is the best thing I’ve found so far. Also, I dont think the stress of this decision is helpful for you either!

Best of luck <3


Oh my AVM is long gone :slight_smile: I’m on my path to recovery after a hemorrhagic stroke (2nd bleed) about 4 years ago.

I’ve recently been informed from. An ultrasound that my AVMz…interfere with my ulna tendon. When I bend my arm I experience discomfort.
Tendon release procedure has not been discussed, so thanks for sharing maybe I can benefit from that idea.
I totally get putting off any surgery for as long as possible. I hope the best for you


I hope and pray that ends up being an option that works for you :heart: Please please please mention it to your drs


Did you end up getting this? I’ve noticed that my trigger finger issues in my middle and pinky getting WAY worse, but was never sure if traditional therapies would be an option for us AVM having people!