Telemetry test

Hi All
I Am Going Into Hospital Soon To Have A TELEMETRY TEST For My Seizures. Any Comments On This Test Would Been Helpful.

Many Thanks Crystal

I have seizures, but I've never heard of that test. Would you be so kind as to inform us after you have the test? Thanks!

Sending healing thoughts your way.

I had a ruptured AVM in 1991 and had it clipped off. I have had EEG's (which is what the telemetry test is) several times. They will use flashing lights to monitor the way your brain reacts to the flashing lights. Some people cannot tolerate flashing lights because it will bring a seizure on. The test is painless, and quite interesting. My EEG's always come back as epileptic because of the location of the AVM. I hope this is helpful
Take care and good luck! willbe a series of lights and sound. I had one in 2010 and it was not too bad. No pain involved. They are just trying to determine if it is epilepsy or not.

Judging by definition, sounds likeit will jist be lights. Hang in there! God has not brought you to this place to abandon you but instead to teach you to trust Him all the more!

Hi Louisa
Yes I Will Hope Your well Take Care.

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Thank You.

Hi Theresa Rose
Thank You For Your Reply Its Helped A Lot.Flashing Lights Brings My seizures On. I Will Let You Know The Out Come. I Go In Hospital For 5 Days On The 21st July. Take Care.

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Thank You For Your Kind Words Hope Your Well.

I had an EEG with sleep deprivation. Doc said they needed the neurons irritated. I don't know about the neurons, but I was irritable. Also they put this wonderful gunk in my hair and I had to go to work after the teat!

Hi Karen
Sorry to Hear about the Gunk, I will Let You Know What Happens With Me.

Hi Paul Thank you For The Link.