Teeth problem causing effects

I had an absess and a decayed, infected wisdom tooth removed 2 days ago and already I’m beginning to feel better. I’m not falling alseep at 8pm anymore. I’m fine going to bed at 10.30 again. My nerves and balance already seem to be getting a lot better.
As the absess was on a nerve, I think my effects were worsened by my missing section of cerebelum.

Nothing definate yet, but I seem much better already.

The speacialist told me it was normal medical problem causing it, I think he was right.

Great! Glad they got it figured out for you. Hope your condition continues to improve.

Ya, glad to hear that’s what it was and not more . Even tho I know what an abscess is and that hurts but I guess you’d take that over the other. Happy you are doing better!
Sending angel light and love…d

Thanks Jo and Donna. Not often you are looking forward to going to the dentist.lol so far, so good.

It’s been 3 weks almost now. I still have some issue with my balance, although I feel a lot better generally. I don’t know how long it will take, for the absess removal to have full efeect, but maybe I’ll be left with some loss of balance from now on? could be me, thinking too much, too. Like my speach, If I don’t about it too much, it’s normally fine.

I have had alot of abscesses and they do take a while to heal, and strong antibiotics. Did they give u a longer dose of strong antibiotics?

I took antibiotics for a week, after the removal.
So, it does take longer then 3 weeks, to get better?

well, i’m not a dentist, but i can tell u I have had enough dental work to know a week sounds a bit too short depending on which antibiotics. What I am trying to say is you may still have the infection in there, and if so, theres no wonder you’re still experiencing symptoms. Typically for abscesses they gave me 10-14 days worth, then told me it might take another week to get better. So three weeks is not out of the question.

I would go back this week though if its not better, check with the dentist first to back sure the infection is completely gone, if it is I would contact your neuro again, just my opinion tho.

thanks Jo. I go back on Tuesday, to get the final capp for the root canal, so I’ll find out then.

no problem tim, trust me, if u have ANY dental questions, all you have to do is ask lmao. Not only have I had a lifetime of dental work but also I had an accident causing trauma to my top teeth and ended up just getting them taken out and a plate put in a year ago, so i have seen it all :slight_smile: