Teeth issues post Stroke

Does anyone have facial weakness or paralysis that allows them to only chew on one side of their mouth? I got no cavities while I was an inpatient and there was no brushing for a month or two. But then again I wasn’t fed by mouth. Now my teeth are showing signs of distress on the right side. A recent filling is bothering me - got it adjusted but am still nervous about chewing. If you have any experience please share :slight_smile: thanks

According to my dental hygienist…we all tend to chew on one side of our mouths or the other. Please take good care of your teeth…http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/features/oral-health-the-mouth-body-connection

Thanks, Barbara - that's an interesting article esp. bc RA runs in my family. Thankfully I'm quite vigilant about oral health and after I came home my dentist put me on a 4x yearly cleaning schedule for the first 1-1.5 years. As time goes on, though, I figure my mouth is just getting more stressed. This situation is kind of "it is what it is," although one suggestion they did give me was to practice chewing gum on the "bad" side to combat the plaque build-up that was starting bc of non-usage. Sounded like a dog and a bone to me :).

Hi Ann,

I always had good teeth and I always took good care of them. But, for the past couple of years, I've had nothing but trouble with them. When they have gotten abscessed (for example), I never new it unless the dr. did an x-ray. They NEVER hurt. I can't feel the pain. Many times, they had to be pulled. I am now getting a full top denture. I have a bottom molar that's been bothering me for a month now but, the x-ray doesn't show any cavity. It's on the same side of my jaw where my trigeminal neuralgia likes to act up. ... There is obviously a connection with the nerves.


I have weakness on the left side of face. And since the AVM/Stroke I grit & clench my teeth & jaws. So much I have cramps in my jaws & aches
Haven’t spoken to the neurologist but my MD attributes to tension?
Anyone else?
Debbie Raynes

It is very normal to be concerned with your oral health. I do have facial weakness at times but massaging the face will help with that. What do you mean by distress on the right side? You should not be nervous to chew on either side. Do be careful about your cheek, I have had patients that chew through the tissue on the side they are numb but massaging that side would help the neurons and increase circulation. If you have any other teeth problems or everyone on the AVM site have dental questions ask away..................

Yes I have weakness to the Left side of face. After many years my teeth on the right side, began to
wear down, I ended up losing those teeth. And due to dry mouth and meds over the years I ended
up losing all my teeth. Amy

When my Trigeminol Neuralgia is flaring it's impossible to chew or even move my jaw without excrutiating pain at times.I have survived for days on fruit smoothies with protein,mashed potatoes,and other super soft food where chewing is not necessary.I recently found this stuff for dry mouth called Oasis.It does help.Oral Demulcent it's called.Got it on Amazon really cheap.

"Distress" was my euphemism for a cavity that got filled but started bothering me after a week. I'll definitely continue w the massage :)

Hi, All - Thank you so much for your responses, and thanks, Ben, for emailing my question out so I got more hits. This is definitely helpful. I especially love how you guys mention serious dental issues so matter of factly and without a shade of :(. Sounds like some of you have been dealing with this for years whereas I'm right at the beginning. I'm going to keep going to my dentist and hope for the best. Thanks again for your input. :)atnt.

Thank you Ann. But, everyone responded on their own without any help from me. Unless it came from my 'power of thought' - ha ha.

I wish you the best, Ann. Dealing with teeth problems I think are the worst thing.

The same thing is happening to me, Amy. I have lost so many teeth due to the medications I take and the resulting dry mouth. I now need partial dentures, but since they are not covered by my insurance, I have not been able to get them. It takes me so long to chew my food because I'm down to only two molars.

I have another rotten toothache tonight to go along with my nasty headache. I need to get Anbesol or Orajel tomorrow. I know that one of them contains aspirin, so we AVMers need to avoid taking it, but I can't remember which one.

Sorry, I meant Ben's Friends! But I did appreciate your sharing your experience, Ben - it's troubling that you have always taken good care of your teeth, but they have acted up so severely lately!. But it's interesting that others with TN also report that it aggravates the teeth. You must be very right about the whole nerve connection thing. Bye - I have to go gargle with Listerine now. :)