Teeth grinding at night

sup peeps! sorry for the lingo there =D i just found out like two days ago, that i grind my teeth every night when im sound asleep, but i grind them REALLY hard, like im gonna crack them, so i asked around and it turns out i've been grinding them like that since i was a little boy, or since i was born for that matter, i wasnt diagnosed or had any previuos problems with my gigantic 7cm + AVM till two years ago, aside from the grandmal seizures; so this may be a problem that is derivative of my condition, has anybody else had this problem as well? also when my grandmals are about to kick in i remember my childhood very vividly for a split second and a feeling that is very familiar but also very strange, kinda like having you're brain go numb due to lack of blood, like when your arm falls asleep because you had it in a strange position; is that how it feels when youre about to die? you dont have that kinda sensations when you're "normal", like i was since 2 years ago, so i ask anybody out there if your brain AVM have been doing the same to your heads, cheers!