Since my husbands surgery on Jan 14th, all food tastes bad.
Did anyone have this problem & how long does it

I found that I no longer enjoyed the taste of beerl. Yikes!! I also am now enjoying foods I didn’t before my surgery. I have since acquired my taste for beer again, but it took a few months before things were back to “normal” for me. I hope it’s the same for your husband.

I have found tht my sons taste have also changed things he used to love before (cheese, pizza nachos) he does not at all care for now and he likes things he didn’t like before like potatoes and gravy and has cravings for meat alot…

On Oprah today, that Dr. guy showed us this brain and he pointed out exactly where the taste receptor part is in the brain and how it is conducted to the tongue or vice versa. It sounds like from other’s experiences that this is common and HOPEFULLY he will regain his taste back again. It must be hard to feel like eating when everything tastes bad.

Taste was an issue for a few months after my surgery. Things didn’t necessarily taste bad, just different. The ONLY food that still tasted the same was Weinerschnitzel corn dogs. I don’t know what that has to say about their corn dogs, but I’m certainly glad my original sense of taste eventually came back!