Tales from the neuropsychiatrists room

I hope this helps others - that is why I am writing it...

1.) Accept what happened to you.
2.) Re-evaluate and re-think you expectations from life.
3.).) Only with acceptance can you find peace and move forward
4,) Adjust accordingly to the new you
5.) Notice how you are feeling, monitor how you are feeling and react accordingly ie rest when you need to
6) Never forget the importance of being able to laugh
7.) Find out what now brings you happiness and joy and do it
8,) Engage with others, help others, give to others every day.
9.) Look outwards rather than inwards
10.) You may have limitations but that does not mean your intellect is impaired.
11.) Pace yourself or you will burn out.

Best wishes to y'all.

Thank you for this!! I totally needed it right now as I have been feeling down about what happened to me and about my diagnosis.


Many applause to you for you writing this. I believe this to be wonderful and very, very true.

When it was discovered that my symptoms were incurable and unmanageable (in 2009). I was sent to see a psychiatrist to help me come into acceptance of my new situation. As reluctant to see her as I was, she was a lot of help. It was her that convinced me that I had to accept the fact I may not ever get any better. I saw a total of 9 drs. before I saw her. I was even at John Hopkins with no prevail.

My advice to others - If you need to see a psychiatrist. Swallow your pride and do it.


Thanks for the information, Flower.

I totally agree with Ben; I would like to add that a Psychologist (vs. Psychiatrist with drugs to resolve problems) or a Social Work Therapist might be other options to consider.

Thanks Flower. Beautifully said:-) A great reminder for everybody with any type of AVM.

12.) What you think = what you feel
13.) Respect yourself and monitor your thoughts. Having negative thoughts is hurtful to yourself.
14.) Accentuate and do more of what makes you feel good.
15.) Moving forwards is like being a ballerina, it looks effortless but takes strength and alot of discipline and focus
16.) You are entitled to feel sad but you are kinder to yourself if you don't allow the sadness to swamp you,

Dear, sweet, flower. I'm not sure how I missed this one when you originally posted it but it is fabulous. Thanks!