Taking Off! (2)

I have always from time to time had these feelings about things to come.
Like so and so was going to win the election, or my purchase of this or that was going to work out very well for me. How or why, I don’t know, but on occasion it happens.
You may well not believe this, but I have experienced it, and I believe it!

Well, it was just a very few weeks after I was sent home from
my second hospital(for the AVM), and I was walking on a short trail in the woods near our home with my wife.

She was ahead of me, because I was using my cane then
and I was slow anyway. But as we emerged from the woods
back to the pretty sunshine, I had this feeling deep inside me. It was like one of those messages that I get sometimes, and it made me say to myself
that “I am getting ready to take off.” An odd thing to say
to myself. What did it mean?

I don’t know quite where it came from, but I know what
it meant. I was going to walk faster, and I was going to
lose that cane, and I was going to move forward in
other ways as well. I was going to run again one day
and feel the wind in my face when I did so. There
would be no stopping me from getting back to where I once had been. Yes, it meant something like that, like a jet plane crawling along the runway that would take off into
the bright morning sky. That would all happen, and in time it all came true. Thank you God! It required about five years for me to rise above all my deficits.

It is my earnest hope that it will also come true for each of you reading this.


That’s great God bless you with you being :100:

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Aw man, good for you! You can’t see the smile on my face but I’ve got one! It took me a 2 years to listen to my tv with sound so i can relate. Many more firsts, or whatever this is for everyone!

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