I have a question , who is attending the TAAF Walk and why are you attending ? I am attending and am doing so because I can . It’s that simply selfish of me as I love to look around and see all of those glorious faces . And you ?

Marianne, I wish I could. I simply can't afford to get out to California. One day I will and I'll do it because I can and because I've so wanted to meet so many of my fellow AVMers in person!

I will be there with bells on with my wonderful boyfriend there to support me. I am both an aneurysm and AVM survivor and I feel that this is something I need to take part in.

I can't wait to meet everyone who has been touched by cerebral vascular issues and to get to know other people's experiences and to talk to them in person.

Dang, I wanna go! I have to shell out for a residency (it's a school thing) this year. But there is no excuse for next year, and it has nothing to do with the number 13...lol. Have fun everyone!

Being from another planet (so it seems), JLo and I did our own version of the walk in March. It was great to see (and walk on) Crissy Field, and to spend a little hard earned at the Sports store too. Yes, the tears welled up as I walked, cos my AVM and aneurysm family mean so much to me.
Just once, I would like to be able to do the walk with others, but finances and the short notice for the event will always make that difficult.
I envy those who can make it every year.