T shirts

I received all the shirts I had order today… I know Shalon put up a photo of them but i must say they are way better when you your self get to wear it!! It’s hard in some ways to see my own name on a shirt to this effect. But hey life goes on right. I want to thank all of those who well one started this site (ben), 2 did all the wonderful work for the t shirts. You have all been great on here. I can’t express how happy i am to have found this site and all the cyber friends I now have. If I think something sounds crazy i know no one on hear will judge. Either they have had it and know its normal or push to talk to the dr. Thanks a ton!!!

Thanks for your kind words. Shalon was responsible for the T-shirts, so be sure to thank her. They look great.

Ah, that was really sweet. I think we all feel the same way, Andrea and it was great of you to say it.