T minus 1 week

My angiography is scheduled for Nov 29 and I will spend my birthday in Lenox Hill. I am getting a little nervous. I need more info about anesthesia and the procedure itself, as well as after care. I feel very in the dark at the moment. My AVM has swelled a lot over the past month, more pain over the past few months as well. Thanks to the group I have been tracking symptoms and noticed trends and hopefully will have them eliminated after the embolization. I am optimistic that this will require only 1 treatment, not many as a lot of members here have endured. My foot sweats like crazy, it is awful. My concern this weekend is to get a pedicure before I get into the hospital. LOL. I have faith that this will go well. It has to. I have 2 DDs to take care of and a concert to sing in the week after the procedure. I am thankful for the support of my husband and family who will be there for me in the hospital and taking care of the kids when I cant be there. I am thankful that I found this group to educate myself and point me in the right direction of a physician who can actually DO something about my AVM.

Wishing you all the best! An angiogram is quite a straight forward procedure. When I had mine I experienced no problems. In fact, I actually found it quite interesting. I believe its the other thousand thoughts circulating in our mind that make all the tests a challenge. We just plain feel a bit overwhelmed and that's quite normal.
I hope it all goes well for you - keep the faith!

All the best on your procedure Lyknthrp. Your doctor is one of the best, so I am glad this site has helped to put you in the right direction in seeking care. A little nervousness/anxiety is certainly normal before a procedure, but please try to think positive and know your family is there for you. You are in good hands and please update us to let us know how your embolization goes. And yes, you should get a beautiful pedicure. It might just make you smile:-)