Symptoms post AVM removal

Hi everyone.
My son had a ruptured AVM and cranioplasty in 2017/2018.
More recently he had a couple of episodes where his limbs and mouth get paralyzed for a few minutes. First he thought it was another stroke ( although an angiogram showed he had no residual AVM) but an MRI showed he had no stroke.
Did anyone in the group have had anything like that one or two years after surgery?

Hey IGY,
I am many years (7) on from my last neurosurgery and yet, still today I am symptomatic. Some days that may just be a headache, but then other days, like your son, I too wonder if it’s showing stroke signals with strange tingles down one side of my body, my right eye closes up, my face droops and the headaches are just immense.
On such occasions my wife has hit the panic button, calling an ambulance and taking me to hospital, only for them to take a scan and send me home with an ‘All OK’, somethings not right but their tests and scans show nothing. It’s really frustrating at times.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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Could be a seizure. When I have one I lose complete movement on my whole right side and left. The left side comes back slowly and then the right side. I thought I had a stroke one time and went to the hospital because it was taking way too long for the movement to come back. Plus I was not able to speak yet. It did not too long after getting to the hospital for things to come back to normal. It’s called Todd’s paralysis. But better safe than sorry. I have never had severe headaches with any of the episodes, but better safe than sorry. That’s why I went that one time.

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The neurologist said it could be Hemiplegic Migraine. It is different from having a seizure ( Todd’s).
It involves only one side. The side which was affected by the first stroke.
He advised about resting and proper eating but my son had episodes where he had proper sleeping. So I am not sure what could have triggered these episodes.


I don’t know about this area but I would have suggested like Melissa that it could be seizure-related. That seems pretty common with AVMers. Is your son on any kind of antiseizure meds?

Without knowing anything else, that would be the area I would ask more about.

From a book that I read (Migraine by Oliver Sacks) I would also say that the boundary and symptoms between seizure and migraine seems quite grey, too… so far as I understand it, anyway.

Very best wishes,


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Dear Dick
The neurologist says that it was possibly Hemiplegic migraine rather than seizures although he didn’t see any EEG nor asked for one.
I wonder whether anyone in the group had a proper doctor examination.

@IGY Hello IGY so sorry this is happening to your son. I first had a stroke due to blood clots in my brain and then a few months later felt weird and told my husband I thought I was going to have another stroke and sure enough woke up and my face sure looked like and we rushed to Stanford and my stroke dr who is the head of the dept said sometimes this happens. I was fine in a few days but had wished they had warned us even though we still would of gone in and gotten scanned which showed no new stroke. That was all in 2011 and a few months later they found the AVM had developed due to the type of stroke I had due to clots-