Symptoms onset post Gamma Knife


I am 34 year old male with a right brain AVM, located beside my motor strip, that was found incidentally. Before Gamma Knife I didn’t have seizures or headaches. However, since Gamma, 8 months ago, I have been diagnosed with possible simple partial seizures. I get an odd numbish-tingling feeling that starts on my left back/shoulder and moves into my upper left thigh and arm. Recently I have started having them more often. In previous months I had roughly one of these a week to every two weeks. Now they are happening almost daily. They last about 7 min on average. You wouldn’t know it was happening unless I told you. I can still move freely and speak eloquently while they are occurring. Has anyone else experienced this as well?

I had Gamma knife just about 4 years ago now. I haven’t experienced what you describe, was possible swelling as a cause discussed? There are a lot of cases where often around the 6 month mark post treatment, that swelling presents some effects. Take Care, John

Hi there! I’m a 23 year AVM survivor. I have this happen to me in spurts especially when I’m tired and stressed. I probably started to really notice it around the 15 year mark. My neurologist told me it’s spasticity and not seizures so I’m not entirely sure we’re experiencing the same thing. Zanaflex helps when it’s really bad and yoga helps the most!

I reached out to them after your comment and they are now going to do another MRI to check for swelling. Praying that it’s simply that and not seizures getting worse.