Symptoms after GK treatment

My wife had GK and it has been since April 2010 and it is closer to her anniversary for a recheck. Now she is experiencing more Seizure like symptoms and taking more meds. Is anyone taking Vimpat? We have to change from Keppra to this new drug. Keppra is not working anymore.And has anyone experiencing the same symptoms as my wife with tingling all in her right arm and now having heavy pressure in the rt chest area? Please anyone?

No experience with the new drug. Wife experience tingling in her arm, which she thought was related to seizures.

ron, ks

I did a search on here for you…
Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. I hope your wife feels better soon.

Hi Andy,

About the tingling and pressure, give her doctor a call. Because those can be meaningful symptoms, it's definitely worth asking and getting advice over the phone at least.

My husband also switched from Keppra to Vimpat; apparently Keppra was controlling his frontal lobe but not temporal lobe seizure activity (or vice versa). This was after years of what we thought was success with Keppra. Seizures can change, or the effects of mild seizure-like activity in the brain can add up till you notice that a drug isn't working like it should, and then a new drug can be a good idea. Vimpat has been good for him.

I hope the med switch works out well; make sure your neurologist has a plan for lowering the Keppra gradually while gradually raising the Vimpat at the same time, so she doesn't experience withdrawal.