Sydney visit april 2010

Hi All,

Well this Sydney visit marked 2.3 yrs since my stereotactic radiation - check ups are still 6 monthly although with the MRI i find my brain swells with the heat and I get some migraines after the fact so last time i left it for 8 months, and even now talking about leaving it 12 months, just see how i go - this time i migraines been bad as I have had a cold with it too - the pressure behind my eyes has been unbearable!

Was great to meet up with some lovely people while I was in Sydney, each of which are survivors themself of this very site - all fantastically inspirational with each their own story to tell! Had a wonderful day in their company, so comfortable in knowing i could be who i was, feel what i was feeling and be understood by the very people around me, because they too have either won, surviving or still feeling the affects of what we call an AVM.

Looking forward to more meets like this one in and around Australia, and maybe world wide..... Ben thanks again for this site, without you we wouldnt all be here in such a positive way sharing our journeys and hurdles with each other and lending the support that we all need... xx

My meet with everyone has given me another boost I needed - and I feel even closer now to my AVM family, its no longer just a struggle but a long lasting friendship.

I hope everyone else gets involved with meeting people within their areas and other areas, its really a great feeling


Hi Jaszi Rose,
You have put it in to words so much better than I could have, and straight from the heart.
My Daughter Kate was here today and enjoyed the photos and my telling of our enjoyable time we all had together, so here is to many more, I know we are in each others thoughts and prayers. Chat with you all soon and see you all soon. Again thanks Jaszi Rose for starting Aussie and NZ AVM and ths April 16 meet. And as you mentiond in your blog wouldn’t have been possible without Ben starting this site. Toodles all hope to chat with you all and catch up in person soon.