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Sydney Doctor


Has anyone in this group had any contact with a Dr Mark Dexter at Westmead in Sydney? GOLD coast University Hospital Neorosurgical team referred my husband to Dr Dexter just wondering if we should make the journey to Sydney for a second opinion. Would appreciate any feedback


Hi Shezza. I would make the journey to Sydney for a couple of opinions. Professor Morgan at the Macquarie University is amazing and specialises in AVM's. I wish I found about him before my treatment here in QLD. I have seen him a couple of times after my treatment, and would travel to see him and his team anytime. He is easy to get to by train from the airport, and there is a Travelodge right next to rooms at the Uni. I'm sure others in this group will also advise you and your husband to seek further options, and would also recommend him seeing Professor Morgan.