Sydney - check up 7th july 2011

Well,… July marks 3 and a half years since my stereotactic radiation therapy, I headed down to sydney to get the verdict of the treatment and also to catch up with some lovely friends I have met through the avm site!

The check up visit for me, was a reminder of my treatment in 2008 where I was told the success rate of the treatment would be about 60% - although I had been hopeful that this thing would be completely obliterated in this time, and so had the doctors (can wish on miracles, right?!) The professor confirmed the avm hadn’t shrunk in the last 18 months and that if in the next 6 months (January) the bugger hadn’t gone that re-treatment would be a necessity. Althought I knew this news was coming, i couldn’t of suspected how I would feel about it - and to be honest the emotions took over me, its been a week since I have been back and I am still a bit un easy of having to go back through the treatment again, as each time they are targeting the brain stem its the increased risk of more problems to come, although the doc reckons these risks outweight leaving it be - so I guess at this point I just have to go with it, and trust that the prof I have is the best in the world and that I am in good hands (I wouldn’t be saying this if I hadn’t encountered 9 other rubbish surgeons before hand that couldn’t even diagnose me right, but meh these things happen!)

Things I have to be positive about in the last year: The wonderful man I have had come into my life, who has supported me and loved me for who I have been, what I am and What I can be :stuck_out_tongue:
My mum getting the news that her cancer is in remission! ( <3 4 ever!) and also her unconditional love and support through this whole ordeal.

Blaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :smiley:

Good night xx

Oh Jaszi, I am so sorry that we did not talk about all this when we were having our coffee, I don’t know how you kept that in. It will work out, we all will have to pray and send healing energy to you as much as we can and if you have to have it done again we will be here for you always

Kia Kaha Taiki

Hugs DM

Hi Jaszi, Well I knew you where a bit distracted and not feeling the best on the meet up,I just hope we cheered you up a bit,and you are correct in two things,Yes you have a lovely Man in your life and your Mum is on the mend.Now girl it is your time with all our and your own positive thoughts and all our love aswell as your loved ones and friends how can you not win this one, it seems to me that only good things are instore for you.
Remember when ever you want a chat,rant and rave have a cry or a good laugh we are here for you.Any time you want just give me a yell.Love to you and Will and your family you are in my thoughts and prays.Take care and stay strong my friend as only you can. Toodles Gay